Yoga And Yogasana

Yogasana Is Just One Of The Limbs Of Yoga Which Is The Stepping Stone To Comprehend The Beauty Of The Body And Its Uniqueness To Successfully Complete The Journey Of Existence In A Healthy And Peaceful Manner.

Kishore” A Sanskrit Word Derived, Connotes Remaining Young In The Seamless Infinite Surpassing Levels Of Bodily Conscious Comprehending The Individual Divinity Within

In Comprehending The Search, I Have Been Practising Yogasana The Journey Which Began At 22 Which Has Been Nourished With Seers Like B K S Iyengar, Raghavendra Shenoy, H S Arun Kumar, Many More!!!

The Innate Search Paved Way To A Thorough Understanding Of The Physical Existence In Maintinaing This As A Wonderful Instrument Till The Journey End

A Broad Perspective Of Philosophy Has Been Ingrained In Both Physical And Psychic Level With Exposure To Various Geographies

With This Strong Basics Have Resigned The Corporate Life Of 10 Years And Dedicate Life To Yogasana And Yoga Continuining The Mutual Journey With The Society

Sharira Matram Kalu Dharma Sadhanam

The Body Is The Only Instrument Through Which Perfection Can Be Attained. Though Not A Profound Statement, It Implies The Sadhaka To Follow The Basic Principles Of, “Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhynana And Samadhi”. With This Strong Basics Of (8 Limbs Of Yoga) Antaranga And Bahiranga Yoga, The Chitta (Mind) Is Able To Surpass The Bodily Level And Find Communion With The Universal Source Of Energy.
This State Of Communion Of The Finite With The Infinite Is A Unique Experience And This Journey Of Life Is To Mutually Achieve A Perfect Balance Between The Inner And The Outer World. Strongly Motivated By The Search For This Perfection Here Begins The First Statement, “Atha: Yoga Anushasanam”.

  • Mission

    Every Small Impression Leads To An Expression. With The Passage Of Time This Expression Identifies Itself With The Universal Existence And Like The Many Rivers Finally Merge The Sea, This Journey Meets Its Purpose By Its First Step!!!

  • Vision

    Times Immemorial Each Day Is A New Discovery Of The Mahat Which Already Existed And This Effort Is Only To Maintain And Practice The Rhythm Day In And Out To Reach The Pinnacle As Felt By The Greatest Seers, Krishnamachar, Pattabi Jois, B K S Iyengar And Many More Like You And Me.